Common Myths about Websites

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It is very common to believe in myths about creating websites that hinder business owners and entrepreneurs from acting professionally and efficiently online.

In this post, we separate some myths about Websites

Website creation is only for large companies

We start with this point because it is perhaps the main myth about website creation. Many people still believe that a professional website is for large companies. It's not quite like that.

The internet is a very democratic environment and anyone can have a website. There are free services, but they are not that advantageous, so it is always a good idea to hire professionals.

Creating a website on your own is more affordable

I can start by breaking this myth in the same way as in the previous point: “What’s cheap is expensive”.
Some disadvantages of creating a website yourself:
It won't be pretty (ok, there are very rare exceptions)
It won't be usual – there are several aspects that are ignored in usability.
You will waste a lot of time trying to understand something that is not your specialty.
There are several limitations to website builders.
Developing a well-made website requires knowledge in several disciplines (design, programming, marketing).

No need to optimize for mobile devices

This is a website creation myth that is hard to believe. But it happens a lot. Even though we know that we are on our cell phones all the time, there are still people who don't care about preparing their website to work well on mobile devices.

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