Discover 5 types of Websites

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1. Blog
A blog is nothing more than a website dedicated to the recurring publication of content. It is used by companies of all sizes and segments to attract the public and provide them with information during their purchasing journey.

2. Online store
The virtual store is one of the main components of an e-commerce. It is through this type of website that a company makes its products available, in addition to their characteristics, technical specifications and price.

3. Portfolio
People and companies can adopt a portfolio-type website to promote their products and services. In many cases, a Curriculum Vitae does not convey information to employers and potential clients that demonstrates the knowledge and skills of a job candidate, for example.

4. Institutional website
The institutional website is the one that presents a company's information, such as address and contact. In addition, it must display the company logo, as well as its products, services and an “about” area, so that people know how the company came about, a little about its history, its values, vision and mission.

5. Dynamic website
Websites in the past, for the most part, were static, being widely used in academia in general, for example. However, with the popularization of the Internet, the need arose to make pages dynamic, so that a person without knowledge of HTML can make changes whenever they wish. One of the main examples of a dynamic website is Facebook, because if it were static, it would be impossible to post photos, texts and videos, which is one of the factors that most contributed to the platform's success.

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