What is the importance of a Portfolio?

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The first and perhaps the main reason to have an online portfolio is to be present on the internet. The network increases your chances of being found. But more than that, a portfolio is perfect for:

1. Show your identity:
A client will be more likely to hire your services when they see what you are capable of doing and already have an idea of what they can expect from you.

2. Make your customers trust you
By showing your work, make your new clients trust you, because the portfolio is a guarantee of your deliveries.

3. Present yourself as a professional
In an increasingly saturated market, having a good online portfolio can distinguish you from amateur designers.

4. Help prevent customer rejection
Every client has their own preference for specific aesthetics. While some like minimalist layouts, others like more colorful and ornate designs. Now, imagine this: without looking at your portfolio, a client asks for a certain website with specific types of design. After working on their request, you send a sample of your work and receive harsh criticism because what you did is different from what the client expected. In this process, you waste time simply because the client didn't know your work and didn't know what to expect from you. With a portfolio, this story would be different.

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